Following several years of careful planning, the Dr. Wm. Hrudey UCCI Observatory was officially opened in February 2012. Located on the University College of the Cayman Islands Campus, the Observatory has had many visitors from primary school classes to adult groups and, has provided a number of programs and events for students and the general public.

An off-shoot of the Observatory has been an annual STEM Conference held on campus over a 4 day period. International as well as local speakers provide STEM related presentations to inspire and encourage greater interest in science. Details on previous STEM conferences can be found at: STEM.ky

Digital solar imaging has been a passion for director Dr. Wm. Hrudey who has amassed thousands of images initially in hydrogen 1 alpha and more recently in white light. A custom 8” Solar Newton scope was designed and constructed by Dr. Hrudey and, is probably one of fewer than a dozen actively used in the world. Plans are currently underway for a larger 12” Solar Newton which will be the largest of its type providing I improved resolution of solar granules. A number of students have come from Trinidad to study Digital Solar Imaging methods and, more are on the horizon.