Solar Imaging

The sun, our star, is a fascinating and dynamic structure which affords exciting opportunities for digital imaging. A number of specialized telescopes are available which, with appropriate digital imaging devices and software, can produce striking images. Telescopes types include: Hydrogen 1 alpha scopes; Refractor/Reflector scopes with either solar film filters or Herschel wedges for white light; Calcium-K scopes and, custom Solar Newtonian designs for high resolution in white light. At the UCCI Observatory, we use Hydrogen 1 alpha (Lunt 60 PTDS*), white light (TS115mm APO triplet refractor with a Baader wedge) and, high resolution white light (8” Solar Newton designed and constructed by Bill Hrudey). Further details can be found under the “Equipment section” of this site.

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Prior to upgrading our equipment, the quality of images were not as good as the ones you see in this section.

White Light ( TS 115mm APO triplet refractor)