It won't be justice to say that we have had a story, because it is still only the beginning. We will continue to aim for higher achievements, improvement of our facilities, learning, and opportunities for everyone. Given sufficient funding and interest, a full time Lecturer in Astrophysics, who could also fill in in math and physics, will be necessary. Moreover, this individual would need to become proficient in the use of all the Observatory facilities – a long and steep learning curve.

The Observatory has a transmission diffraction grating and RSpec software such that spectroscopy is possible though, this avenue has yet to be explored. It does, however, open doors to potentially fascinating research.

STEM will continue to be a major annual event at UCCI and is currently integrating participants from the annual Rotary Central Science Fair both as speakers and, to display their wining projects. With funding from Cayman Enterprise City, the STEM Ambassador Club, originally a STEM component, will become a full time group with mentoring from school teachers and UCCI faculty.

Liaison with the Cayman Islands Astronomical Society will provide more outreach events and further courses in Basic Astronomy. Thus, one can see great potential for encouraging science through astronomy in the educational system as well as the general public.

We Greatly Appreciate Our Supporters